How to Know Who viewed my Facebook profile 2020

Perhaps you’ve wondered who viewed My Facebook Profile? I know you have done it much moment. Regrettably, there’s no official method for checking out who is stalking you and checking your FB profile. But don’t fear! I got several unofficial strategies to learn who visited your Facebook profile. I will walk you through the full process of knowing your profile guests on Facebook.

Facebook is among the hottest and popular social media websites on the site; most of the US knows that. Though we now have countless fake Facebook profiles that are still living, you ought to care for your FB account. The majority of the individuals are interested to learn how to test, Who Viewed My Facebook Profile App for Android, it is natural. However, we have observed lots of Facebook users getting fooled by third-party programs and sites. Such sites claim to show you a list of folks who visited your FB webpage, but they grab your personal information instead.


You can check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile, Not Friends. You can confirm the source code of one’s Facebook timeline and find a few 15 digit numbers there with two to 0 priority.

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How to Learn Who watched my Facebook profile

Because they can get you is very personal information, including Facebook login credentials using these programs? Until now, Facebook restricts its coverage on to not share such info basically to any person on Facebook. There are high needs about the search issue about the best way best to see who viewed my Facebook profile at various search engines like Google, Facebook, and Bing. Therefore, a lot of spammers and malicious application development companies target the clients to take their personal data using this technique. As I already note that these third party programs don’t offer precise effects and these programs usually do the junk post on the user’s Facebook wall. You can prevent these annoying application needs quickly.

Could You View Who Views Your Facebook Page?

Yes, you can! Even though there are no established tactics, you are able to do it utilizing a’who viewed my Facebook profile Chrome extension.’ And, within my study, I have learned an authentic simple way for this, which doesn’t contain any program download. I’m unsure about its validity, however. Have you been carrying about the open challenge that has been viewing my Facebook profile? Then, you’re going to be enticed by my answer within the next section.


Who is seeing my Facebook page?

This is basically the most often asked question of the past decade. All things considered, you go through the trouble of establishing what you encounter is the most excellent example of yourself, why wouldn’t you would like to recognize who’s noticed it? Google any assortment of the query above, and you will find loads of advantages: several manuals, several apps, along with a bucketful of asserts. In case you feel them? Is there any type of way on the market to comprehend who viewed your FB account?


To begin with this, follow the steps mentioned below.


  1. First of see the Social Profile extension page.
  2. Click on Add to Chrome to add this extension into your browser.
  3. Await the download to get finished.
  4. Just Click Insert Extension.
  5. Now go to and log in with the account to know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Not Friends.
  6. As soon as you are on Facebook, simply look at the timeline bar.
  7. You will see that there is one more option called “Visitors” has been added.

METHOD #2. Locate who checked your Facebook Profile Manually

  1. to start with, visit your Facebook profile page —
  2. Wait for the page to load fully
  3. Right-click anyplace on the page and select “View page supply.”
  4. A new tab will open with a few source codes
  5. This will have information on your profile. Hold CTRL + F to open the search box, and then copy-paste this into it (without quotations) –“InitialChatFriendsList.”
  6. These profile IDs are of the person.
  7. Just go to and glue the ID number with that page along with some”.” As an example, if the ID is 8534, you have to put it –
  8. The first ID indicates the person who visits the profile more often.


If you’re an iOS user and searching for who seen a Facebook profile, then this is the best program for iOS users. There is an app called Social Fans available over iTunes Store. This app will also let you know who recently viewed your profile on Facebook.


You’ll find other social support programs that let you find out who’s seen your profile, generally LinkedIn and its”Who is Seen Your Account” feature. Standard customers can visit a current list of which has been spying on you, along with a few basic analytics, while paid people can easily see around ninety days worth of people, in addition to more descriptive analytics. It’s ideal for seeing possible career awareness and business prospects. Many rumors on the internet announce that Facebook privately exposes your recent guests inside a range variable in the site source code known as the InitialChatFriendsList. Although this factor doesn’t actually support the IDs of people stalking your report, it will give us a fascinating look into how Facebook’s calculations rank your relationships with your friends.

Final Lines

There are surely great deals of applications online that state to have access to your stalkers and profile visitors. However, while they say, the truth is horrible, and currently, the easiest response to your question is No, it is simply fantasy. The software online only show you random names likely flourished your chat list. And giving permission to arbitrary apps to use your discussions may also be not only a good idea. Several Facebook programs are easily obtainable on the market, which guarantees their user may assess who watched their own Facebook profile. However, the majority of them are fake and the usage of those apps might be a threat to your Facebook profile. If you use such an program anytime that promises that employing their app, you can see who views your Facebook profile, then do not trust badly.

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